A resort hotel with delicious dining choices on the shores of Lake Biwa, the largest fresh water lake in Japan


Situated adjacent to Kyoto, Lake Biwa has formed about four million years ago and considered as one of the world's oldest lakes. The name derived from its resemblance to an old musical instrument called Biwa. Lake Biwa covers 670 square kilometers in area and the shoreline stretches to 235 km. The first World Lake Conference was held here. Lake Biwa is the main water source for Kyoto and many nearby cities.
The first World Lake Conference
Hotel Grazie is in the northern shore of the lake where the water is deepest and crystal blue. Surrounding areas are rich in nature with lush green foliage in summer, fiery red in autumn and pure white with snow in winter months.



Close to calm and deep blue waters of the lake and green rice fields and mountains nearby, Hotel Grazie offers an ideal location away from the crowded cities to relax, explore and experience history, culture and the way of life of old Japan.
Hotel Grazie offers easy access to major tourist hubs of Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and also to Kanazawa in the Japan Sea.





Founded in 1936.

  The hotel born as a popular restaurant in the same location 80 years ago was converted to a Ryokan 30 years later and became a full-fledged hotel 30 years ago. Hotel Grazie is well known in the area for its most delicious food.