The hotel restaurants, the roots of Hotel Grazie’s identity, serve a wide variety of menu choices to stimulate your taste buds.

Enjoy to your heart’s content the heavenly flavours our chefs recreates from an 80-year culinary tradition inherited from their piers combine with best ingredients.


A restaurant serving traditional Japanese meals rich with seasonal ingredients in a casual atmosphere.

Food Japanese, Local
Open for Lunch, Dinner

La Spiaggia

Serves rich flavors drawn from best ingredients carefully selected by the chef and charcoal grilled meat and fish.

Food Italian
Open for Lunch, Dinner

Chinese Restaurant ISSOUROU 一層樓

Enjoy wholesome meals prepared with nutritive ingredients while relishing the magnificent scenery.

Food Chinese
Open for Lunch, Dinner

Cafe & Brasserie VERONA

Carefully selected quality teas and coffee served with variety of hotel made sweets.

Food Light meals
Open During daytime

Barbecue Terrace sunset garden

On the shores of beautiful Lake Biwa, Sunset Garden is a location beyond comparison.
(Reservations required)